We Host

We are happy to host your Victory Framework site. It's a win for you users since we cover installing WordPress, installing the Victory Fraemwork, setting up default campaign content and perform WP security updates. You just login and start customizing your site! And it's a win for us since we don't have to worry about supporting bad hosts (like Yahoo & GoDaddy).

To sign up for Victory Framework hosting, email us.

Who to Avoid

We recommend that you avoid GoDaddy and Yahoo hosting. Here's why:

GoDaddy often has file size restrictions that make installing the Victory Framework difficult. In addition, many or our users have reportered that GoDaddy is slow.

Yahoo hosting is usually a bad idea because they don't support PHP5 which is required by WordPress. Trust us, your WP install and Victory Framework theme will act funky if you use a host like Yahoo that doesn't support PHP5. We can't help with bugs generated by Yahoo hosting so we recomend avoiding Yahoo. 

If you already have an account with them, we recommend that you switch to Hostgator.

Who We Recommend

If you're hosting on your own, we recommend HostGator. They are fast, reliable and offer great support.

On Switching Hosts

If you are contemplating switching to another host, we can help you with your site transfer to our hosting service if you decide to go with us. If you decide to switch to Hostgator, HostGator offers free site transfer for new accounts.

- The Victory Team

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